How to Install Stacked Stone Veneer Panels

How to install stacked stone veneer panels?

Please make sure the materials are clean. If necessary, you can wash them but let them dry. particles. If the back of the product is dry, dampen it first with a wet sponge, but do not overdo it. 

There are different rated thinsets, like for interior only or interior and exterior, choose the best one for your space. Thinset will be keeping your ledger panels securely. Prepare your thinset based on the package instructions. Apply to the back of your stacked stone panel, then to the wall. Press each panel to the wall to ensure the panel is secured. If there is any thin-sets around the panel, you should clean it right away. If there is any installation pattern for your stacked stone panel, please follow the instructions. 

On which surfaces I can install stacked stone veneer panels?

You can use the stacked stone panels for interior and exterior applications. For Interior wall substrates should be  such as cement backer board, brick, or block. 

From where to start to install your stacked stone veneer panels?

You should start installing your stacked stone panels from the bottom level. Also, you need to make sure that bottom is leveled. To carry the weight of the material, it would be better if the base is concrete floor or footing to be able to carry the weight of the ledger stone panels. 

What kind of tools I need to install ledger stone panels?

Trowel, Thin-set, Level, Tile saw and sponge (maybe grout float and angle grinder)

Do I need to seal stacked stone veneer panels?

If you are installing for interior walls, you don’t need to, but if you are going to use the ledger panels around the wet areas, like bathroom wall, you might consider. 

For outdoor, we recommend the sealer to protect your investment. 

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