Marble French Pattern Tile

Natural Stone US offers marble french pattern tumbled, marble pattern brushed, chiseled edge finishes in stock at our San Jose warehouse. They can be used for many applications, such as indoor flooring, indoor and outdoor wall tiles, outdoor flooring, pool edgings and tiles, patio decks, bathroom tiles, and more. Marble Pattern tiles are used primarily in interior applications and covered outdoor areas with an existing concrete surface. Our Marble French Pattern collection includes Cappuccino, Botticino Beige, King BlueStone, and various other varieties.

The ½” thickness to the tiles make them a perfect product for horizontal and vertical installation for a gorgeous addition to walls, stairs, balconies, and any standard floor or edging.They are packed and shipped in "bundles" of 8 square feet , two bundles are a referred to as a "set" and will cover 16 square feet of area. Each bundle includes: (four) 8-inch by 8-inch, (two) 8-inch by 16-inch, (four ) 16-inch by 16-inch and (two) 16-inch by 24-inch tiles in each bundle. If you would like to get more information about the layout of french (Versailles) pattern, please visit our layout designs page.

Cappuccino Brushed Chiseled French Pattern Marble Tile

Cappuccino Brushed Chiseled French Pattern Marble Tile

Botticino Beige Marble Brushed Chiseled French (Versailles) Pattern Tile

Beige Brushed Chiseled French Pattern Marble Tile

King BlueStone Marble Tumbled French (Versailles) Pattern Tile

King BlueStone Tumbled French Pattern Marble Tile