Installing travertine over concrete

Installing travertine over concrete

Installing travertine over concrete it easier than installing on sand. There are several different materials for pavers or tiles. Pavers can be installed on concrete and sand. Tiles can be installed only on concrete. 

First of all, you need to prepare all the equipments. Secondly, please make sure concrete is clean. If there is any cracks, please fix them before installing pavers or tiles. Here are the steps:

  1. Prepare your concrete: Make sure concrete is clean and there is no cracks. After that, if it is for outdoor we suggest using bleach to kill any mold or mildew. 

  2. Prepare the tiles: Before the 3rd step, we suggest you to prepare your tile designs, so it will be ready after you lay down the mortar.

  3. Mortar: Once concrete is ready, clean and dry, apply mortar. Use generously because mortar will be sticking to tiles and keep them in place also fill the gaps. To spread the mortar you can use trowel. Level the mortar to have smooth base. 

  4. Install travertine: Start laying out your travertine pavers or tiles first to corners on mortar by pressing them firmly to make sure they are in place. If you need to cut your tiles or pavers, cut them and place them on mortar. 

  5. Let it dry and set: After installing tiles, clean the surface and make sure to wait 24-36 hours so everything will be set. 

  6. Seal: You can seal your tiles or pavers on concrete, after you clean the surface. 

  7. Enhancer: If you want to see your tiles or pavers always shiny or wet, you can apply enhancer with your sealer. 

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