8×16 Silver Travertine Pavers

8×16 Silver Travertine Pavers are perfect choice for your driveway, backyard, patio, walkways, pool deck. You can use 8″x16″ Silver Travertine Pavers on sand and on concrete. Not only for residential but also for commercial projects, these travertine pavers can be used.

8×16 Silver Travertine Pavers has color variation of  light and dark gray with beige.  

8″x16″ Silver Travertine Paver is eco-friendly pavers. These stone pavers are very durable. These 8×16 patio pavers do not get hot under hot weather and do not get cold under cold weathers. 8×16 Silver Tumbled Travertine Stone Pavers are easy to walk on, because of their tumbled finish. 

You can combine these 8×16 Travertine Paver with 16X16 Travertine Pavers or 16×24 Travertine Pavers to give movement to your design. There are also other color options for 8×16 Travertine Paver. You can find 8×16 Ivory Travertine Paver or 8×16 Walnut Travertine Paver

In general all travertine pavers are tumbled and unfilled. These patio stones are resistant to heat, cold and erosion. Because of the non-slippery surface of travertine pavers , all travertine pavers can be safely used around the pool. For durability on the driveway, we definitely recommend smaller sizes, like 8×8 Paver or 8×16 Paver to balance the pressure and heavy traffic. In addition to that, 8×16 Travertine Tumbled pavers have unique style which make your space elegant and rich. Moreover, these travertine pavers are great investment for your property. 

If you would like to see these 8×16 Silver Travertine Pavers and other samples that we have, you can visit us in San Jose. 

Where to use 8×16 Silver  Pavers:  Pools, decks, patios, lanais, entry ways, docks, borders, and walkways.

Finish:  Tumbled
Thickness: 1.25″ or 3cm

Maintenance: We recommend to seal 8×16 Silver Tumbled Pavers. Sealing is a great way to protect your travertine pavers. These 8×16 pavers as all kind of travertine pavers have small holes. If you want an authentic look, your contractor can leave them as is. However if you do not prefer seeing the holes, your contractor can fill the holes with polymeric sand. Also, if you want your travertine pavers to look always shiny, your can use enhancer after sealing.

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