Mayra White Limestone Pool Coping

12x24 and 16x24 Mayra White Limestone Pool Coping is cool white in color and has some shells in it. These round bull nose finished limestone pool coping comes in 2 different sizes for design and installation flexibility. Use to create elegant transitions between pool decks and pools. Also to cap the edges of architectural stairs, and other features.  Because of it's light color, it coordinates with variety of other natural stones. 

Myra White Limestone Pool Coping

Natural Stone US offers 2 different limestone options. Both limestone has tiles, pavers and poolcopings. The paver options for Mayra White Limestone are French Pattern (Versailles Pattern) or single sizes, like 16x24 Mayra White Limestone Paver 1.25" and 24x24 Mayra White Limestone Paver 1.25. You can use Mayra White Limestone pool copings around the pools, wall caps and stair treads. Mayra White Limestone Poolcoping will add your house modern, bright and luxury look. Furthermore, it can lend an air of sophisticated luxury to every area in which it is used.

Limestone Poolcopings come in 1.25" for 12"x24" and and 2" thickness for 12"x24" and 16"x24". Mayra White Limestone Poolcoping comes also in Eased Edge, which is also called Modern Edge. Natural Stone US has 12x24x2 Mayra White Limestone Eased Edge Copings, as well as 16x24x2 Mayra White Eased Edge Copings. You can use Eased Edge or Modern Edge Mayra White Limestone Pool copings for infinity pool looks.  Mayra White Limestone is very popular color between builders. 

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