Travertine Pool Deck Colors

Congratulation on choosing Travertine for your pool deck. Travertine Pool Deck colors are many. You can use one color or combine different colors to create contrast. 

Depending on your style and preference, there are lots of different color options for your travertine pool deck. Also, you can choose single sizes and also French Pattern Travertine Pavers or Tiles. Travertine is very good option for your pool deck or patio, backyard, because of its durability and less slippery surface. 

If you prefer earth tones, we recommend Ivory, Beige, Walnut and Noche Travertine Pavers. There are also matching pool copings in different sizes. 

Also, there are colorful options like Scabos or Scabos (also known as Tuscany Scabas). If you like color but still prefer a bit more color consistency, you can choose Silver or Gold (Tuscany Riviera) Travertine Pavers. All these colors also comes in 1/2″ (tile version). 

Name of Travertine Pool Deck colors may vary based on the company or within the US. For different pattern options, you can visit our Pattern page.

As for pool copings or bullnose, you can go with 1.25 or 2″, but we recommend 2″ for aesthetic purposes. You can get 4×12, 12×24 or 16×24. 

Installation of travertine stone pavers or tiles is also easy, experienced contractor would be finish your project faster, but if you prefer doing it by yourself, it is also possible and for sure you will be proud of yourself. 

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