Travertine Stone Veneer Panels

Stone Veneer Panels are natural stones like travertine, marble, sandstone, quartzite and more. One of the most popular one is Travertine Stone Veneer Panels. Not only for exterior but also for interior projects, you can use Quartzite Stone Veneer Panels. Definitely, these Stacked Stone Panels brings nature into your house. Also, there are lots of different color options to match your decor. Besides flat, there are also Ledger Stone Veneer Corners. Most traditional ledger panel size is 6″x 24″. In addition to that, there are also mini panels, 4.5″ x 16″ . Corners are mostly 6″ x 18″.  Stacked Stone Ledger Panels can be used for barbeque surrounds, planter walls, and sitting walls and columns. As well as backsplashes, accent walls, fireplace facades, and many more.  Moreover, ledger panels are very easy to install. Also, you can get an idea about how to install stacked stone ledger panel at our website. 

Here are our Quartzite Stone Veneer Panels:


Disclaimer: Inspect all tiles before installation. Natural stone products inherently lack uniformity and are subject to variation in colour, shade, finish, etc. We recommend to blend tiles from different boxes when installing. Natural stones may be characterized by dry seams and pits that are often filled. The filling can work its way out and it may be necessary to refill these voids as part of a normal maintenance procedure. All natural stone products should be sealed with a penetrating sealer. Natural Stone products can expose you to chemicals including silica which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to SILICA DUST IS HARMFUL IF INHALED.