Travertine Pool Deck

Travertine Pool Deck is one of the most durable option is out in the market. Travertine Pool Deck will last you for a very long time.

These travertine comes from nature, so it is very powerful. Pool stone pavers have good grip so you won’t slip. it has non slippery surface. These pool pavers absorb water and heat, so your feet won’t burn. Backyard, patio pavers are resistant to heat. Moreover you will have an authentic look, each paver has its own characteristic look and design so your backyard will be unique. 

Travertine Pavers and Pool copings have different color options to choose from. Installation of pool, patio, backyard pavers are very straight-forward and easy. Especially with French Pattern Pavers, one you lay 16 sqft out, then the pattern will repeat itself. You can use travertine pavers on concrete or sand base, if you have concrete base you can choose travertine tiles. However, we still recommend pavers over tiles to have more durability. Also when you install tiles on concrete, you glue them and in the future if you need to change one of the tiles, you need to break and it is not easy. On the other hand if you install stone pavers, it is easier to pop up and replace with new pavers. 

Travertine stone pavers require less maintanence, you only need to be careful with acidic fruits or drinks. That’s why we recommend to seal your investment to protect acidic reactions. 

Alternatively, if you prefer modern look, we recommend porcelain pavers. Porcelain pavers also have different color options and matching pool copings. 

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